High Frequency Radar Ocean Surface Applications

Many remote sensing techniques used to monitor ocean environments are limited by coverage or cost. High Frequency (HF) radar technology does not have these limitations, allowing for the continuous monitoring of broad areas of the ocean surface at low cost. The High Frequency Radio Ocean Surface Applications (HF-ROSA) project is a 4 year Atlantic Innovation Fund project to further research and expand the capabilities of this technology.

The HF-ROSA project team is a multi-disciplinary group of researchers working in concert with individuals at the industry partner, Norther Radar Inc. The teams expertise includes HF radar, oceanography, ice and ice management, and meteorology. Northern Radar has over 20 years of experience in the HF-Radar field. Together the team will develop new software to aid in

  • ship and iceberg tracking;
  • oil spill, sediment and other pollutant tracking;
  • search and rescue planning;
  • oceanographic and climate change research;
  • and meteorological applications such as weather forecasting.
Memorial University Atlantic Canada Opertunities Agency Northern Radar Inc. Department of Fisheries and Oceans